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Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees are effective September 1, 2016–Aug 31, 2017. They are subject to change without notice and vary from course to course and from program to program.

For an estimate of tuition and fees for a specific course, search for the course with Register Now, then clicking the lnk under Costs. You can also search for the course thtrough the Courses page and click Costs on the course description page. For an estimate of fees for a specific program, select a program using the program application form. Contact Student Services regarding specific and updated course or program tuition and fees.

Tuition and fees and fees payment are described here:

OL Tuition and Course Fees

Course Fees

  • Administration fee: $91.39 per course
  • Technology fee: $6.05 per credit ($18.15 for 3 credits)
  • Taxes as applicable

Administration and technology fees are non-refundable if you cancel your registration or withdraw from a course.

Course Tuition

Canadian citizens and permanent residents residing in BC/Yukon: Course tuition varies. See individual courses for specific fees or contact Student Services.

Canadian citizens residing outside of BC/Yukon or Canada: Course tuition varies, but is higher than tuition paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents residing in BC/Yukon. 

International students: $356.40 per credit for undergraduate courses.

Persons 65+ years old): 25% of whatever tuition is applicable to their demographic (Canadian citizen or permanent resident residing inside or outside BC/Yukon or outside Canada, international student).

Additional Fees

Course extensions: $97.38 per course (if course is eligible for extension).

Repeat course registrations: Refer to the policy.

Program reactivation fee: $60.79. If you were a previous OL student, email for reactivation instructions.

Formal grade appeal: $121.60 per course.

Replacement or reissue of parchment/credential: $62.50. Refer to Request for Replacement or Reissued Credentials for more information.

Official transcript request: $8.73 (includes GST). Refer to Official Transcripts for more information and apply via

Assignment submissions: You are responsible for the cost of submitting your assignments for grading.

Long-distance phone charges: Toll-free in Canada; tolls for calls outside Canada, except in the following areas:

  • Hong Kong: 001.800.965.261
  • India: 000.800.1007.576
  • Indonesia: 00.803.018.5610
  • UAE: 800.017.8313
  • Saudi Arabia: 800.814.5681

OL Program Fees

Fees associated with programs, such as transcript assessments, application, program plans and PLAR, as listed below. Some programs (e.g. Adult Basic Education) have different fees or no fees; for specific program costs, please find the program you're looking for using the online program admission form or contact Student Services.

Transcript Assessments:

BC documents only: $48.40
Non-BC or combined documents: $91.19

Application Fee:


Program Plans:

$32.67 per certificate (30-credit only), diploma, associate degree, advanced certificate, advanced diploma, graduate certificate and post-baccalaureate program plan.
$123.88 per bachelor's degree program plan.

The cost of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) varies, depending on the assessment method you choose. For more information, see PLAR Fees.

Materials Fee:

The materials fee is in the online course description.

Course and materials fees for Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada will be re-calculated at the time of registration.

Shipping and handling fees for courses that include materials are determined by the mailing address on your account.

  • Canadian Mailing Address: $21
  • USA Mailing Address: $70
  • International Address: $140

OL Courses Delivered by UVic

Permanent residents of BC and permanent residents of Canada residing outside BC:
$168.60 per credit ($337.20 tuition per UVic fee unit)
$42.62 course administration fee (varies by course)
Textbooks and course materials

International students
$545.53 per credit ($1,091.06 tuition per UVic fee unit)
$42.62 course administration fee

Seniors: No reduced fees

Note: UVic course credits are typically 1.5 units or 3.0 units which are displayed as 3 credit and 6 credit courses when registering via TRU-OL.

  • UVic will assign each student with an ID number. Please allow time for this process and ensure that your email information is up-to-date.
  • Tuition fees per credit (per UVic unit) vary by course.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • The course administration fee is non-refundable when students cancel their registration or withdraw from a course.
  • For information on audit courses, contact UVic.
  • Fees listed do not apply to all courses. Refer to individual course descriptions or contact Student Services.

Non-Tuition Course Costs

Texts and Course Materials: Students are responsible for purchasing the required texts for most courses. Specific program areas mail instructions to registered students on how to purchase course materials. Texts are available at the UVic Bookstore.

Assignment Submissions: All students in all distance courses are responsible for the cost of submitting assignments for grading.

Loaned Materials/Long-distance Phone Charges: Information about loans of materials and long-distance phone charges is provided by the specific program area at UVic.

UBC Distance Courses

UBC distance courses are offered directly from UBC through the Access Studies program.

Students requiring a UBC course to complete a program offered through TRU-OL should obtain approval from TRU-OL, register through UBC Access Studies, and then transfer the UBC credit to TRU-OL. This credit cannot be used for TRU-OL’s residency requirement.

Fees Payment

  • All fees are payable with course registrations and other requested services and are required to be paid to Thompson Rivers University in Canadian funds.

  • The Board of Thompson Rivers University reserves the right to change tuition fees and the President of Thompson Rivers University reserves the right to change all other fees without prior notice.

  • In the event of any indebtedness to Thompson Rivers University, any fees paid are first applied to the removal of the debt.

  • No official transcripts, certificates, diplomas or degrees are issued to a student in debt to Thompson Rivers University except by the approval of the board, nor is the student permitted to repeat a registration, obtain a course extension or write an examination until all indebtedness is removed.

  • Yukon residents are subject to the same tuition fees as residents of British Columbia.