Working Alone

Employees who perform activities in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision may be exposed to risk because there is no one to assist them if they get into difficulties or become unwell.

  • Any departments, faculties or schools that require employees to work alone or in isolated circumstances must have procedures in place to manage any risks those employees might face. The procedure should include instructions, training and supervision requirements, identification of any tasks that should not be done when alone or in an isolated location, check-in processes and contingency plans. The Office of Safety and Emergency Management can provide advice on writing procedures.
  • Employees who occasionally choose to work alone or in isolated circumstances should confirm with their supervisor or manager that it is safe for them to do so.
  • On the Kamloops campus, employees working in the evening or on the weekend should use the TRU Self Service Working Alone/After Hours Reporting Application on myTRU. This lets security know that you are on campus so they can check your safety when they are patrolling campus. Remember to go back in and log out when you leave campus.
  • If you are travelling on TRU business, especially to more remote areas, talk to your supervisor about what arrangements to put in place so you can check in before and after any long journeys and on a regular basis on longer trips. The check-in can be as simple as agreeing to send a text at a specific time or after a specific event. A plan should also be agreed as to what action will occur if a check-in is missed.
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