Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Insurance and Liability

Thompson Rivers University is a part of a pooled insurance scheme run by the University, College and Institute Protection Program (UCIPP). UCIPP administers TRU's liability and property insurance coverage, and coordinates the purchase of further policies for scheme members.

A guide to the coverage provided by UCIPP can be found in the Employees' Handbook/Guide to UCIPP Coverage, available from the UCIPP website.

All queries about TRU's insurance program, or any reports about incidents or possible claims, should be sent to Risk Management Services at Individuals should not contact UCIPP directly on any matter as all contact with UCIPP is through Risk Management Services.

Risk Management Services is also responsible for liaising with the provincial Risk Management Branch of BC's Ministry of Finance and TRU Legal Services to review the insurance requirements, liability and indemnification provisions contained in any contract, lease or waiver document. The Financial Administration Act of BC prohibits from giving indemnities without prior approval from the province. Contracts that contain indemnity clauses may not be executed without this approval.

Generally speaking, indemnification refers to one party agreeing to fully reimburse the other party for claims, costs or damages arising from the contract. These clauses need to be scrutinized to ensure the University is not accepting any unreasonable degree of risk. If you think that you may have an agreement with an indemnity clause please contact Risk Management Services at