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Thompson Rivers University

Making an Insurance Claim

If an incident occurs and it is thought that it could lead to a potential claim Risk Management Services should be notified as quickly as possible. Significant incidents should be reported immediately by phone on 250 828 5362, all other potential claims should be sent to as soon as possible.

Incidents that raise security concerns (e.g. thefts, break-ins etc.) should also be reported directly to security on or 5033, and where appropriate to the police.

Incidents involving TRU owned or leased vehicles need to be reported to ICBC.

Employee injuries are covered by workers compensation and should be reported using the TRU incident reporting process. Any questions regarding workers compensation should be directed to the Office of Safety and Emergency Management.

Reportable incidents involving third parties (e.g. students, visitors or volunteers) include any injuries requiring medical care or personal property loss of over $500. Any incidents involving an indication that a third party claim may be made should be reported to Legal Services.

If someone asks you to accept legal papers on behalf of Thompson Rivers University, you should refuse to accept the papers. Direct the person to the Office of the General Counsel, in the Clocktower or call 250-828-5003.

As much contemporaneous information should be collected as possible at the time of the incident, including photographs of the incident scene, any eye witness accounts or other evidence and receipts for any costs incurred at the time or for any clean-up operations.

Risk Management Services will report incidents that may lead to claims on to our insurers, the University, College and Institute Protection Program (UCIPP) and may request further information from reporting departments or faculties in order to pursue compensation. Where the university is looking to make a claim from the insurance program a claims adjuster will likely be assigned. Reporting departments are required to work with the claims adjuster in order to process the claim and should provide regular updates to Risk Management Services on the progress of the claim.

Please note that the deductible for claims made to UCIPP is $10,000. This deductible and any losses of less than $10,000 will generally be borne by the department or faculty that experiences the loss. Claims may only be made for university owned, leased, rented or borrowed property.

Claims may take a significant amount of time from the initial incident to the award of any compensation.