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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Community Safety Council

The Thompson Rivers University Community Safety Council (TRUCSC) is an advisory body with a focus on practices, policies and safety outcomes as related to the campus environment and violence prevention.

The council is inclusive of all parties of the TRU community who share a common concern for the broadly defined safety concerns relevant to TRU’s campuses.

Fostering our collective commitment to campus safety

In today's rapidly evolving higher educational landscape, the concept of community safety stands at the forefront. The TRUCSC is a pivotal step forward in enhancing the well-being of students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

At TRU, we recognize that safety is not just a matter of physical security, but a comprehensive endeavor that includes a wide range of factors. The creation of the TRUCSC stems from our commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, and shared responsibility.

Through the TRUCSC, we aim to demonstrate that the safety of all individuals within our community is vital to everything that we do. Our value of respectful relations (Xyemstwécw) forms the cornerstone of community safety, reflecting our commitment to mutual care and concern for one another's well-being.

Our vision of success for the TRUSC will be marked by the following:

  • Heightened awareness of the safety resources available to our community members.
  • Enhanced understanding of everyone’s role in contributing to community safety.
  • Empowerment of every member to not only "feel" safe, but to actively participate in creating that sense of security.
  • A shared sense of safety that permeates the TRU campus, uniting us in our commitment to well-being.
  • Transparent access to safety statistics and research, promoting informed decision-making and accountability.

The TRUCSC will provide opportunities and avenues for dialogue, collaboration, and shared experiences to collectively shape and foster a culture of safety across TRU campuses. Together, let’s forge a safer tomorrow rooted in collaboration, inclusivity, and our unwavering dedication to one another's welfare.

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