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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Project Registration and Approval

All projects, whether funded or not, involving biological material must be registered with the Office of Safety and Emergency Managment (OSEM) to ensure that the work is compliant with internal policies and the CBS. Before beginning any activities with biological materials, or if there are significant changes (e.g. new biological materials or procedures) to a previously approved biohazard permit, principal investigators or their delegates must:

  1. Complete and submit a project registration application through the online institutional ROMEO tool. Note: biohazard permits are required for all risk groups (RG1 and RG2) agents, and for all University sanctioned activities, including teaching.
  2. Include the SOPs (or in the case of teaching labs, the course lab manual) related to the project/activities for risk assessment and review by OSEM/BSO. SOPs for RG1 and RG2 work will also be reivewed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC).
  3. Include an updated inventory of biological materials (used and stored).
  4. Include a Biosecurity Plan (SEM 20.05) if required.

Refer to the Biosafety Manual (SEM 20.02) for more details.

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