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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Personal Protective Equipment

It is important that the type of personal protective equipment match the hazard to which the worker is being exposed. Failure to choose the correct personal protective equipment may result in an increased hazard to the wearer. If in any doubt about what type of equipment is required, contact the Office of Safety and Emergency Management for guidance.

Thompson Rivers University recognizes that some of the potential hazards that exist throughout our operations cannot be managed through the use of administrative or engineering controls, and they will require that people who are exposed to these potential hazards use personal protective equipment to safeguard them from the harmful effects.

It is the responsibility of all supervisors, workers and students to ensure that when personal protective equipment is necessary for the protection of any individual, it is readily available and used by anyone when required by the various regulations and/or any safe work procedure.

Students are required to provide their own personal protective equipment where necessary. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate types of personal protective equipment required for a course are identified to students.

All personal protective equipment shall be maintained in good working order and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Where any item of personal protective equipment shows signs of deterioration, it shall be replaced.

No item of personal protective equipment or personal clothing shall be used in a manner where that item of clothing or equipment will create a hazard to the user.

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