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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Worth 1000 Words: Research in Pictures

Open the door and let us in to your labs, and your studios. Show us what you see when you look into the microscope, or let us walk beside you while you work in the field or with community to create knowledge. This is also a great opportunity to show us, visually, how the pandemic impacted your research.

Worth 1000 Words is an opportunity for TRU faculty, students and staff to showcase the process and outcomes of research. The competition provides a creative way of sharing and celebrating ground-breaking innovations, collaborations, and transformational creative journeys.

What judges are looking for

The judges are looking to create an exhibition that reflects research at all stages, and from all disciplines. Judges wish to draw back the curtain on the visual and performing arts and other creative practices. They wish to see images that capture the impact of research on the communities we serve, and they wish to walk with you as you collect data. Judges will also consider striking images that move us beyond the limits of the human eye and are captured through the use of scientific tools.

Worth 1000 Words: Research in Pictures

"Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is."
— Anonymous

Worth 1000 Words: Research in Pictures - Art in Action
Worth 1000 Words: Research in Pictures - From the Field
Worth 1000 Words: Research in Pictures - Microscopic Mysteries
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