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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

International Student Application Instructions

Complete application for admission

Complete our online application form via EducationPlannerBC Application Service

Choose your program

Please indicate your program choices clearly on the application form.

TRU Programs

Include transcripts if necessary

If you are applying for any academic courses, scanned copies of original/official transcripts (or certified copies) of your secondary school grades and any post-secondary institutions you have attended must be included with this application. If you are applying online through EducationPlannerBC Application Service please e-mail your transcripts to the International Admissions Office right away.

After receiving your acceptance, original transcripts must be sent to TRU prior to the start of your first semester. If originals cannot be mailed then original transcripts must accompany you when you come to Canada.

If you cannot replace your original transcripts, please notify International Admissions on arrival. We will make a verified copy of your documents and return the originals to you.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of CDN$100 will be required to complete your application.

*If you experience technical difficulty with the CDN$100 payment portal on the EducationPlannerBC website you can go here. Please be sure to use this option only if you cannot pay through EducationPlannerBC.

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