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Residence Services

Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will open on March 6 at 12 p.m. First year guarantee is extended until April 6, 2023. Learn more about on-campus housing in our FAQ.

Applications for the new East Village building under construction are not yet open.

Front desk

Items are available for use by signing them out at the front desk. You must present valid photo ID to sign out equipment. These items are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are limited in quantity.

Please note East Village front desk operates on limited hours. For after-hour emergency support, students are advised to call 250-852-6304.

Please note the office for the West Gate Dormitories operates on limited hours. For after-hour emergency support, students are advised to call 250-852-6304.


TRU Student Housing offers housekeeping services for all common areas at the North Tower, McGill Residence, East Village and West Gate Dormitories with additional limited scheduled housekeeping services of students' suites in the North Tower and McGill Residence. Light cleaning by a housekeeper takes place when a suite has clear counter tops (no personal belongings such as hairbrush, toothbrush or dirty dishes) and floors (no garbage or personal belongings) as well as a maintained bathroom. This includes both the kitchen and the bathroom, including the shower floor. In order to maintain a safe, sanitary and clean living space, residents are asked to ensure they are maintaining their suite in between housekeeping visits. Should your suite be deemed unacceptable to be cleaned, you will receive a warning to clean your suite within 24 hours. Save space in your packing and borrow a variety of cleaning tools available to residents at the Front Desk, such as a vacuum, broom or mop. Residents who do not comply with the housekeeping requirements could be subject to a fine.


Our laundry room is furnished with state-of-the-art washers and dryers. The machines are card operated, not coin operated (excluding West Gate Dormitories). Laundry cards can be purchased from the machine in the laundry room or lobby. This machine is also where you can load money onto your new laundry card, using cash, debit, or credit. Each time you do a load of washing or drying, the machines will deduct money from your card. We just ask that residents clean the lint trap before and after every load in the dryer and be a considerate resident by refraining from using all the washers and dryers at one time. As well, do not leave your clothes in the machine past the end of the cycle. Please note that TRU Housing is not responsible for lost or stolen items of laundry left unattended.

Please note laundry facilities for West Gate Dormitories will be different. They are limited but included in the rental fee.


All residents parking on campus must buy a parking pass. If you park in a lot without authorization, you may be ticketed and/or towed. Please refer to the TRU Parking site for more information and instructions on how to buy a long-term or daily parking pass. Parking passes are not available at the Front Desk.

Bike storage

North Tower and McGill Residence provides indoor, secure bike storage. See the front desk if you require access to this room and to register your bicycle. Bicycles are not to be brought into or stored in any suite or private bedrooms. Residents wishing to use the bicycle storage are simply required to supply their own lock. TRU Housing is not responsible for damages or loss of property.

Garbage and recycling

Students are asked to please remove all garbage on at least a bi-weekly basis prior to their housekeeping service. North Tower offers its students the luxury of recycling and placing their garbage in the safety, security and shelter of the building. Students are responsible for removing garbage and recycling from their suite and placing it in the drop-off located past the multimedia room on the main floor. McGill Residence residents are asked to deposit their garbage at either end of the McGill Residence parking lot at the waste receptacles. East Village residents are able to dispose of their waste in the various locations around the property.

Residents of West Gate Dormitories are asked to deposit their garbage and recycling in the receptacles located on site.

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