First Nations Language Teachers

This program is not currently accepting applications.

Individual First Nations Language (FNLG) courses are offered through the Department of Modern Languages.

Developmental Standard Term Certificate (DSTC)

DSTC provides opportunities for students to earn Teacher Certification Branch certification to teach their First Nations Language and Culture in public schools, private schools and First Nations schools.

Students gain the opportunity to:
  • Reinforce their knowledge and understanding of their language.
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of their culture.
  • Teach their language and culture to future generations.

This is a three-year, 92-credit program with Academic, Language and Culture and Education courses that will lead to certification from the Teachers Regulation Branch and acknowledgement of the appropriate First Nations Language Authority. After completion of DSTC, Students may apply to ladder into the TRU BEd program.

Course list

Foundational Courses prepare beginning First Nations Language teachers for the context of Canadian schools (e.g. history of education and theoretical framework of education). Numerous courses cover subjects that are pedagogy and best practices to be explored, examined and used in practica settings throughout the three year program. The DSTC program has four practica experiences offering a certification practicum using integrated units with a First Nations language approach to instruction. This is one of the features in this TRU DSTC program that makes it unique.

In all of the educational objectives, students will be introduced to and gain an appreciation for connections between the First Nations language and the culture associated with people of that language group and their life ways.

Additional information

This program has been developed in partnership with Secwepemc Cultural Education Society (SCES), Upper Statimc Language, Culture & Education Society (USLCES), and Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT).

DSTC First Nations Language Programs are also delivered at Williams Lake, NVIT, and Lillooet in their respective First Nations languages—Secwepemcstin, Nla’kapmuxcin, and Státimcets.