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Your goals, your possibilities and your future are at the heart of the studies, research and learning experiences at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

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Faculty of Education and Social Work

Dean Airini welcomes our new and returning students

'This is an exceptional semester that offers exciting learning opportunities through the virtual learning environment.'

We look out for others and look after each other

We help unexpected levels of student success happen. We are movers and shakers through education, social work and human services. We say and do things that matter and can be relied upon. We plan carefully. We look out for others and look after each other.

The Faculty of Education and Social Work has 110 faculty members and over 8,500 enrolments in two schools and two departments. Studies range from the master’s level to employment courses for those with learning challenges. About half our students connect with studies in other TRU faculties. Data from the BC Ministry of Advanced Education shows that over 90 percent of education and social work graduates are in the labour force within two years.

Be prepared for learning online

TRU now offers Student Success 0600, a free online course that helps students make the most of programs with alternative delivery. It's running this fall.

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Featured programs

  Master of Education

Designed for the working professional, this is open to any bachelor's degree graduate who wants to expand career options.

  Adult Basic Education

Adult learners can upgrade for career, vocation and academic programs, or obtain high school graduation equivalency.

  Bachelor of Social Work

A nationally accredited degree that prepares students for a career as a professional social worker.

  Human Service Diploma

Support individuals and families with economic disadvantage, mental health and substance use issues, and involvement with the justice system.

  Early Childhood Education Diploma

Classroom-based research gives you the teaching skills you need to become an effective educator of young children.

 Bachelor of Education (Secondary) STEM

Become a teacher who brings science and math to life for high school students.

Education and social work students talk about how our programs changed their lives.
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Our faculty members reveal their commitment to research as a form of service to others.
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