Practica Information

The ultimate goal of the practica experience in concert with the program's coursework is to prepare teacher candidates to be competent, empathic, reflective teachers.

In all practica, teacher candidates are supported on a daily basis by their teacher mentors and on a weekly basis by TRU faculty mentors. Extra support is offered by the practica coordinator as well as other faculty in the BEd STEM program.

Practicum 1 — EDTE 3410

This is an introductory practicum experience in secondary schools. Students experience a variety of short-term teaching responsibilities with close guidance from a qualified and experienced teacher in a classroom from a qualified and experienced teacher in the mathematics and/or science classroom. The teacher candidate may participate in different classrooms with different teachers. Students are placed in pairs for this practicum.

Practicum 2 — EDTE 3420

This practicum experience emphasizes teaching and learning in each teacher candidate’s own area of mathematics or science expertise. Participants assume teaching responsibilities including planning, classroom management, and evaluation, while being closely supervised by a qualified and experienced technical or mathematics/science education teacher. Students are placed in pairs for this practicum.

Practicum 3, 4 and 5 — EDTE 3430, EDTE 3440 and EDTE 3450

These three practica (EDTE 3430, EDTE 3440, EDTE 3450) run consecutively with the same classroom, assignment, teacher mentor and faculty mentor in order to satisfy the ten weeks required for the qualifying practicum from the BC Teacher Certification Branch.

The emphasis of these three practica is on teaching in the teacher candidates’ specific area of expertise in science or mathematics. Teacher candidates assume teaching responsibilities in secondary courses while being closely supervised by a qualified and experienced secondary education teacher. The teaching load will include one course in the first week, two courses in the second week, and third/fourth courses in the remaining six weeks to provide a full teaching load. Students are placed individually for these practica. During this time, teacher candidates work with school staff, counsellors and other professionals who may be working with specific students with special needs.

If you are admitted to the BEd STEM program, you will be asked to identify your preferences for geographic areas within British Columbia for your school long-practicum experience. While we attempt to place you within the region of your choice, only a limited number of placements are made in any one district. You must be prepared to accept any available placement, and to assume associated transportation and living costs.