Bruce Roberts Bachelor of Education Endowment

The scholarship is named for Bruce Roberts in honour of his work in establishing TRU's Bachelor of Education program and his service to that program from 1989 to 1998.

Income from the endowment is awarded annually to a second-year Bachelor of Education student who has demonstrated high academic achievement in the first year of study. Quality of practica experience in Year 1 will be a major consideration. Preference is given to students who have completed some type of volunteer work in the community prior to and during the Bachelor of Education program. No application is necessary. Faculty selection.


2014 Devon Rule
2013 Angela Nitschke
2012 Kaelene Santos
2011 Lauren Bell
2010 Jamelia Easton
2009 Erica Huber
2008 Lisa Carr
2007 Paul Patterson
2006 Holly Nusse
2005 Barb Campbell
2004 Tera Angstadt
2003 Sophia Sarrasin

Kathryn McNaughton Scholarship

Awarded to a second year student in the School of Education. Preference is given to a single parent who has demonstrated an interest in aboriginal or rural education.


2014 Okhaineme Elemamba
2013 Cherilyn Sandback
2009 Nicole Rushton
2008 Chantal Quinn
2007 Deeanna Holmes