Graduate Supervisors

Graduate supervisors in the Faculty of Education and Social Work are listed below, with their home School or Department indicated; please contact the faculty member to inquire regarding their current appointments/availability.

  • Patricia Liu Baergen (Education)
  • Natalie Clark (Social Work)
  • Laura Doan (Education)
  • Frederic Fovet (Education)
  • Christine Fraser (Education)
  • Victoria Handford (Education)
  • Edward Howe (Education)
  • Jim Hu (English Language, Learning and Teaching)
  • Wendy Hulko (Social Work)
  • Grant Lenarduzzi (Education)
  • Rod McCormick (Education)
  • Mukwa Musayett (Shelly Johnson) (Education)
  • Mahtab Nazemi (Education)
  • Bala Nikku (Social Work)
  • Gloria Ramirez (Education)
  • Manu Sharma (Education)
  • Terry Sullivan (Education)

Professors emeriti

  • Kim Calder-Stegemann (Education)
  • Jack Miller (Education)
  • Jeanette Robertson (Education)

Adjunct professors (co-supervision only)

  • Roula Hawa (Education)
  • Karen Densky (English Language, Learning and Teaching)