EACS Program Policies

A. Promotion

The Education Assistant and Community Support Certificate will be granted upon successful completion of all program courses. Some Fall semester courses are prerequisites for courses in the Winter semester. In the event a student receives a failing grade in a Fall semester course, they may advance to Winter semester courses, except those with prerequisite requirements which have not been met.

  1. A student must receive a passing grade in EDCS 1580 in order to move on to EDCS 1680.
  2. A student must receive a passing grade in PSYC 2130 in order to move on to PSYC 2230.

B. Failures and Withdrawals

Students who fail or withdraw are not guaranteed the opportunity to repeat the course. The program's ability to respond to requests to repeat courses will depend upon the number of spaces available after the current full time students have been accommodated.

A student who fails a course(s) will be required to repeat the course(s) within one calendar year. A failed course can only be repeated in the semester in which it is offered in this program the following year. The certificate must be completed in two calendar years of start date. Students must re-register for the course and pay the appropriate fees for any repeated courses. All program requirements must be completed within two (2) years of the student's starting the program.

C. Field Work

  1. Students must receive a grade of 'C' or higher in Field Work (EDCS 1680) in order to graduate.
  2. A student who fails a field work course will be allowed to repeat this course:
    • When the student provides information that confirms his/her readiness to successfully complete the course. The request to repeat a fieldwork course must be made in writing to the faculty and advisor three months prior to the beginning of the course:
      • EDCS 1580 - Introduction to Professional Human Service Practice by June 01
      • EDCS 1680 - Field Work, by September 01
    • If there is an available practicum placement after the current, full time student's practicum placements have been accommodated.
  3. The program will make a maximum of three attempts to place a student in a field work course. This policy applies if none of the available practicum agencies will accept that particular student or if the student is unwilling to negotiate with suitable agencies.

D. Graduation

Students successfully completing all course requirements will be awarded a TRU Education Assistant and Community Support Certificate.

Note: Students need to be aware of general department policies as noted in the EACS Student Handbook and course outlines.