Letter of Introduction

The Admissions Office will provide a link to the mandatory online form for you to complete and submit.

Teaching experience

Using the mandatory online form (link provided by the Admissions Office), outline the nature and extent of your 100 hours of experience, 25 of which must be in an elementary/middle school classroom setting in Canada.

For each different type of experience, use the six categories below to provide a summary of your experience.

  • School or Organization
  • Name of classroom teacher or supervisor
  • Age/number of children
  • Date ranges of experience
  • Summary of activities (as two or three bullet points)
  • Total hours

The 100 hours of experience with groups of children, preferably completed within the past two years.


You will need to provide a Reference Report from two referees. Your chosen referees should be qualified to attest to your suitability for teaching and have observed you working with groups of children in the experiences you indicate on your Statement of 100 Hours Experience form.

The Admissions office will provide you with a link to the online reference report form for you to pass on to your two referees. Please provide your referees with your TRU ID number so the Admissions office can match the forms with your application.


Submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended except for studies completed at TRU. Official transcripts must come directly from the issuing institution and include a translation to English if required. Final official transcripts showing all final grades for courses needed to meet admissions requirements must be submitted directly to the TRU Admissions Office no later than the deadline of May 15 to be eligible to participate in the Fall intake of the program.

Application submission

The application period for entry to the 2024 Fall intake opens October 1, 2023.

Application and Document Submission Deadline: Program application remains open until all seats are full.

The mandatory admission documentation must be submitted using the links provided by the Admissions Office after you have submitted an application to the program. Any document submissions not using the online documents at the links provided will not be accepted.

Applications will not be considered complete until all mandatory online documentation and the online Reference Report forms from your two referees have been received by the TRU Admissions Office. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that their mandatory online documentation is submitted in a timely manner and should regularly monitor their application checklist for completeness through the myTRU student portal. Consideration will be given to applicants with complete documentation who meet all the minimum admission requirements.

Applicants must have completed all BEd program academic admission requirements no later than the end of the winter semester that coincides with the deadline for application. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

For each Fall semester intake, between 30 and 60 spaces are offered to the applicants ranked highest in the applicant pool following review of all complete applications.

Application Assessment Criteria

  • GPA = 40%
  • Letter of Introduction = 30%
  • Hours of Experience = 20%
  • References = 10%