Ombaashi is a word in the Ojibwe language that means to soar upwards or to be lifted up by the wind. The vision of the soaring eagle comes to mind because the eagle is thought, by many Indigenous peoples, to be a source of vision, wisdom and courage.

The Ombaashi network provides opportunities for Indigenous students to access international Indigenous mentors through online workshops, one-on-one relationships and speakers at the National Gathering.

Indigenous healing summer school

Each summer Ombaashi provides access to an Indigenous Healing Summer School. Applicants are invited to apply to attend the summer school (travel and accommodation included) or for funding to attend a similar summer school within their own territories.

The inaugural summer healing school transpired July 16-27, 2018, at Thompson Rivers University. Twelve students, of varied backgrounds and purpose, attended the first Land-based education course.

Indigenous mentoring network program

There are several Canadian Indigenous mentorship networks in Canada, with one national coordinating centre, listed below.

National Coordinating Centre

Ombaashi is the national coordinating centre for the Indigenous Network Mentoring Program.

Alberta Indigenous Mentorship in Health Innovation (AIM-HI)

AIM-HI is the Network is based at University of Calgary and represents Alberta.
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Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network Program

SK-IMNP is the network is based at University of Saskatchewan and represents Saskatchewan.
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Prairie Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Network

PIKE-Net is based at University of Manitoba and represents Manitoba.
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Mno Nimkodadding Geegi: We Are All Connected

Mno Nimkodadding Geegi is the network based at Western University and represents Ontario.
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Quebec Indigenous Mentorship Network

Quebec IMNP the Network represents Quebec.
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Atlantic Indigenous Mentorship Network

IM-Network is the network based at Dalhousie University and Memorial University, and represents the Atlantic Region (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick).
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Ombaashi Network

Ombaashi the network based at Thompson Rivers University, provides national/ international Indigenous outreach and opportunities.
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Indigenous Mentorship of the Pacific Northwest

The Indigenous Mentorship Network of the Pacific Northwest the network based at the University of Victoria, and is the network of Indigenous and allied students, researchers, academics, professionals and communities across British Columbia and the Yukon.
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Indigenous research seminars

Ombaashi hosts eight online Indigenous research seminars per year. Indigenous graduate students are invited to share their work alongside well known Indigenous health researchers.

Get in touch if you have any Indigenous academics you would like to hear from or if you would like to present.

International Indigenous Mentoring

Ombaashi provides international networks for Indigenous graduate students. If you would like to be connected with an international Indigenous academic in your field, please get in touch with us to let us know.