Cost and AUG Funding

We have three separate certificate programs running from September to mid-May:

  • ESTR Kitchen
  • ESTR Retail
  • ESTR Career Exploration
Approximate cost per program
Tuition $4,000
Books and supplies $500

Funding available

The Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) provides need-based grants for BC residents who wish to access Adult Basic Education courses, including the ESTR program. The grant provides funding assistance for direct educational costs — tuition, fees and books/supplies specific to ESTR courses.

When to apply for the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG)

  • After you have been accepted into one of the ESTR programs.
  • Apply in July/August for the September program start.
  • ESTR students only need to apply for AUG one time for the program year.
  • A link to the AUG application form becomes available at the end of April. Send an email to or find it online. The 2024-25 application can be downloaded here.

How to apply for the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG)

  • To be completed after you have been accepted into one of the ESTR programs.
  • The AUG application must be completed with ALL questions answered in pen.
  • Students must include their Social Insurance Number and all copies of proof of income — a document like a tax assessment is preferred — that indicates line 1500 and full name.
  • If the student has a Person With a Disability (PWD) designation, please check yes to question #18, and also #20. This student will then ONLY have to provide income information for themselves on question #22.
  • If under the age of 22, single and living with parent(s) without the PWD designation, the student will be required to provide parental income on the application.
  • If approved, AUG will cover both fall and winter semesters. Students will be notified by email from TRU Student Awards and Financial Aid regarding the status of their application. If approved, the tuition and fee amount will be credited to their TRU student account.

Please submit completed applications, with a copy of proof of income, to the TRU Student Awards and Financial Aid or scan to