School of Education

Online program

Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning (EDDL), designed and developed in collaboration with the TRU School of Education, is offered through Open Learning. EDDL teaches educators how to effectively use educational technology in face-to-face classrooms and online environments. Graduation from this program provides BC teachers with 15 credits toward the 30 credits required for the next salary level.
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Graduate programs

Master of Education

Designed for the working professional, this is open to any bachelor’s degree graduate who wants to expand career options.
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Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (GCES) is designed to help you develop the English language proficiency and academic skills necessary to succeed in the Master of Education (MEd) program.
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Undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Education (Elementary)

Bachelor of Education (Elementary) graduates obtain their professional teaching certificate from the BC Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB), which certifies them to teach in an elementary school setting and, in some cases, secondary schools. Graduates can also teach in any province or territory in Canada, and in many other countries.
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Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) STEM degree program prepares students to teach science and mathematics in the context of engineering and technology in secondary school settings. Graduates earn a professional teaching certificate from the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB), certifying them to teach science and mathematics subjects in any secondary school setting.
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Early Childhood Education

Graduates from the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Diploma program obtain their certificate from the BC ECE Registry, which qualifies graduates as Early Childhood Educators. After completing the ECE diploma, graduates are encouraged to complete either the Infant/Toddler Educator Post-Diploma Certificate or the Special Needs Educator Post-Diploma Certificate. Three practica are integrated into the ECE Diploma program.
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Physical Education Transfer Program

Please see TRU’s Course Schedule for a list of PHED courses offered, as not all courses run every semester. TRU offers a physical education transfer program. See Options within BC.
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