Field Education

Field education is designed to offer students an educational experience in the generalist approach to human service work. The primary goals are to be exposed to agencies and populations that use human services and to increase your professional accountability and integrity, your ethical client-centeredness, your professional judgment and decision making, your reflexive practice, and your understanding of social justice.

HUMS 1600 — First Year Community Service Learning

Students participate in a 190-hour blended community service learning practicum to establish linkages between Human Service knowledge, values and skills. Students experience supervised opportunities to demonstrate self-knowledge and self-awareness, professional integrity, and positive working relationships in a human service agency. The focus is on the application of core human service concepts and the recognition of the knowledge to practice relationship.

HUMS 2600 — Second Year Practicum

Students participate in a 190-hour supervised practicum at an agency, which delivers community-based services to children and youth, families and others in the community. The focus is on students demonstrating professional and ethical practice, appropriate and accountable professional decision-making; and reflexive practice. Students will explore the social justice factors affecting the service user population in the agency.