You can help students in the Faculty of Education and Social Work with your donations. Below is a list of initiatives that have priority for funding.

First generation scholarships and bursaries

Investment: $50,000 endowment generating $2,000 every year

Everyone deserves the chance to fulfil their potential through further education. This endowment will help make that happen for those who are first in their family to go to university. Student scholarships and bursaries will help remove the financial barrier to accessing post-secondary education for students who are helping to fill the gaps in fields that are in great demand. These are dedicated students who have already overcome many hurdles and have demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment. Student assistance is a game changer for individuals taking important steps towards a bright future.

Education and social work leadership awards (graduate study awards)

Investment: $50,000 endowment

$2,000 in student awards each year will recognize excellence for education and social work professionals. These awards will distinguish graduate students who have established high academic achievement and have made a significant contribution and impact on the university community, and/or the community at large and the field in which they are working in. Graduate study awards recognize and foster innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence and leadership with impact that extends outside the classroom and to our communities.

Knowledge Makers research circle

Investment: $100,000 for three to five years (impact: up to 20 researchers per year, at least 20 PhDs completed in research matched to local needs)

We need research that can make a difference for our local communities. New research is needed to provide solutions to ongoing community needs. This kind of research by local researchers for local needs can help build sustainable futures and healthy communities: What helps grow economic development in off-reserve settings, What helps Indigenous women to develop resilience? How can teaching help close literacy achievement gaps in K-12 schools in the interior Region? What are the most effective environmental assessment methods? With the aim of accelerating Indigenous social and education outcomes in the Interior, this investment will help up to 20 Indigenous researchers to complete applied, local research over one to three years. $5000 awards will go to each researcher to support research that matters. Each researcher will be mentored, will produce research reports, and will make real progress towards completing a PhD.

STEM teachers for BC futures

Investment: $100,000 endowment generating $4,000 annually for student awards

Approximately 70 percent of Canada’s top jobs require Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to satisfy labour demand and promote business innovation. STEM education in teacher preparation programs provide workforce development to ensure Canada’s economic well-being, quality of life, and ability to remain competitive. This award is for future teachers in STEM.

Bachelor of Education in Trades and Technology scholarship award

Investment: $100,000 endowment generating $4,000 annually for student awards

This is an award for future trades teachers. The Bachelor of Education in Trades & Technology (BETT) is an applied degree designed to prepare graduates to teach in middle and secondary schools in technical and trades related areas. People with trade qualifications and work experience that graduate from this program will help meet the demand for qualified trades’ specialists to teach in the secondary school system. These new teachers will be prepared with strong knowledge in key education and classroom techniques as well as practicum experience to complement and enhance their foundation of trades and/or technology related experience.