Skills for Online Learning

Student Success 0600 has an online focus designed to help students make the most of courses with alternative delivery.

This course supports not only the development of traditional and fundamental skills for learning success, but also introduces and develops skills for success in the current conditions of online learning.

STSS 0600 is open to all students, but is most beneficial to those in first and second years. Tuition is free, and texts are available online at no cost.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Time management
  • Learning styles
  • Balancing life/money management
  • Reading strategies/vocabulary development
  • Note-taking/memory techniques
  • Test-taking strategies/study skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication/listening skills
  • Diversity
  • Group dynamics
  • Oral presentations
  • Being an online learner
  • Various learning platforms
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with online instructors

For more information, get in touch with Doug Knowles. Or register as usual through your myTRU account.

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