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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

HUMS 3531: Advanced Communication Skills to Facilitate Change

Students build on their basic communication skills through the purposeful and conscious application of multiple frameworks and practice theories. The focus is to integrate problem solving and planned change theory with core communication skills to build effective helping relationships with individuals. Students develop the ability to utilize professional theories and frameworks to understand and facilitate change in their work.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate competent use of basic communication skills and relational qualities
  • Describe a planned change process for work with individuals
  • Use professional report formats and writing skills
  • Demonstrate ability to integrate theory in planned change work with individuals
  • Adjust communication skills and other relational qualities to be respectful in work with individuals from cultural and other diverse backgrounds.
  • Integrate theoretical knowledge, practice helping skills and the purposeful use of self in the development of therapeutic relationships.
  • Practice the conscious, disciplined use of self.

Course topics

  • Module 1: Foundational Support Skills
  • Module 2: Diversity and Ethics that Guide Us
  • Module 3: Personal Values and Self-Awareness
  • Module 4: Change: What Does It Look Like?
  • Module 5: Theories of Change: Applying Psychological Theory to Practice
  • Module 6: Planned Change Process: Setting the Stage and Establishing Trust
  • Module 7: Planned Change Process: Information Gathering
  • Module 8: Planned Change Process: Goal Setting
  • Module 9: Planned Change Process: Working Stage
  • Module 10: Planned Change Process: Closure and Evaluation
  • Module 11: Crisis Intervention
  • Module 12: Reportable Disclosures and Relevant Legislation

Required text and materials

The following material is required for this course:

  1. Murphy, B. & Dillon, C. (2015). Interviewing in Action in a Multicultural World (5th ed.) Stamford. CT: Cengage Learning.
    Type: Textbook. ISBN: 9781285077147


Please be aware that should your course have a final exam, you are responsible for the fee to the online proctoring service, ProctorU, or to the in-person approved Testing Centre. Please contact with any questions about this.

To successfully complete this course, students must achieve a passing grade of 50% or higher on the overall course, and 50% or higher on the final mandatory exam.

Assignment 1: Theoretical Analysis and Comparison


Assignment 2: Planned Change: Information Gathering and Problem Identification

PART 1: Skills Video and Analysis

PART 2: Self-Assessment Paper

PART 3: Summary Report


Assignment 3: Planned Change: Goal Setting

PART 1: Skills Video and Analysis

PART 2: Self-Assessment Paper

PART 3: Social Assessment

Final Exam (mandatory) 20%
TOTAL 100%

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Students will receive the necessary contact information at the start of the course.

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