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The due diligence requirements of the Workers Compensation Act 2005 requires employers to develop and implement Occupational Health and Safety training programs that will ensure all employees have the requisite knowledge, experience and qualifications to keep the workplace safe. Part 3, Division 3, Section 115: General Duties and Responsibilities of Employers.

(e) "Provide to the employer's workers the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of those workers in carrying out their work and to ensure the health and safety of other workers at the workplace." Training is a critical aspect of Thompson Rivers University's approach to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all its employees. A variety of safety training and education seminars and courses are available through the Safety and Emergency Management Department. Training courses are conducted on topics such as:

  • WHMIS: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System 
  • TDG: Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Online with Hazmat Global)
  • Responsibilities of Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Incident Investigation training
  • Inspection Training
  • Violence Prevention
  • Manager Safety Responsibilities
  • Supervisor Safety Responsibilities
  • Emergency Marshal Training
  • Hazardous Substances Spill Clean Up
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Fall Restraint Training

With notice in advance, seminars on any of the above topics can be arranged. Contact the Safety Officer at 5139. The Safety and Emergency Management Department at TRU welcomes input and suggestions from all of its employees regarding additional training topics. Courses not currently offered, that are of interest and would be useful in particular departments or campus-wide, would increase the Health and Safety Training Program's comprehensiveness. If there is a recognized training need, or you are interested in taking one of the online Danatec courses and need assistance, please contact the Safety Officer at 5139.

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