Hazardous Waste Management

Thompson Rivers University must abide by federal, provincial and local regulations with respect to hazardous waste management. These regulations exist to protect human health, the environment, as well as TRU’s building, drain and sewer infrastructure.

What does this mean for you?

  • No employee or student will dispose of any potentially hazardous or toxic materials without first consulting with the Office of Safety and Emergency Management.
  • Disposal of hazardous materials down the drain is prohibited.
  • All hazardous materials designated for disposal must be properly labeled and packaged in suitable containers.
  • Every person who may use, handle or dispose of wastes, must be informed of the proper methods of disposal and has the responsibility to comply with the law.

TRU contracts chemical and biohazardous waste removal and disposal to qualified waste disposal companies.

Chemical waste disposal takes place in early December and May. Contact the safety officer in advance at 5139 to determine the exact date. To request a waste pickup, submit a chemical waste disposal form.

Biohazardous waste is picked up from the animal health technology building, the science building, and the medical clinic every 12 weeks from designated locations. Waste must be properly packaged for pickup. Contact the Office of Safety and Emergency Management for exact dates.

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