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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Owned/leased vehicles

TRU owned or leased vehicles must be insured through ICBC. Contact Risk Management Services for assistance in arranging.

Departments planning to buy, lease or rent vehicles for more than one month should contact Purchasing for advice and support.

When renting a vehicle for less than 30 days on TRU business for travel within British Columbia, employees should take advantage of the Province’s Daily Vehicle Rental Corporate Supply Arrangement. Under this arrangement TRU gets preferential rental rates and access to provincial insurance arrangements. If the car is damaged during the rental period, ask the agency to send all of the paperwork to Risk Management Services (either at or through the mail to the university, c/o Risk Management Services).

Use of personal vehicles for university business

Any driver who uses a vehicle for more than six days a month for TRU business should be recorded with ICBC as business rate class. The additional premium is reclaimable from TRU through Risk Management Services.

Transporting employees or students

Departments and faculties needing to transport groups of employees or students should consider purchasing transport services, such as a larger capacity vehicle for more than 10 people, including the driver. Contracts for transport services should include safety and insurance requirements.

TRU employees who are asked to provide transport to students or other employees, (excluding informal ride sharing arrangements made between individuals), must provide their faculty/school or division with a driver information form, proof of insurance, and a copy of their drivers abstract.

On occasion, students, (or research assistants), may need to use their own, their instructor's, or a TRU vehicle, for educational/research purposes. The student should be recorded as a volunteer driver, and complete the same paperwork as employees above.

Driver information forms are valid for one year. Driver information forms and associated paperwork should be treated as confidential and filed by the faculty or department in a secure location.

For more information about vehicle insurance, including arrangements when renting vehicles out of province, in the United States and overseas, reference the Guidance on insurance arrangements when using rental or personal vehicles for university business, or contact Risk Management Services at

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