Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Conference Websites

We can help you build a website for your conference, workshop, symposium, colloquium or other event.

The first step is to submit a Work Request.

The basic information we need from you is:

  1. The url you would like:
  2. A list of pages you need and the content for each page. This is the majority of the work for conference sites!
  3. Content for the homepage, which usually indicates the name, dates and brief overview of the event.
  4. The account names for any social media (twitter, facebook) you may use for the event. We can feed the content from those onto your site.
  5. Any images you may have related to the event, or if not, an indicate on the type of images that would be suitable. We can find some for you.

That's about it. It may take us a week or two to post everything, so try to plan ahead.