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Italics can be used occasionally for emphasis.

Words and phrases in other languages

Italicize words and phrases in other languages that are likely to be unfamiliar to readers.

a multi-drug-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus
Weyt-k means welcome in the Secwepemc language

Refer to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary if you are unsure if a foreign word requires italicization. Words such as sushi and smorgasbord are part of the English language and do not require italics.

See also Word list

Titles of publications and other works

Titles of books, journals, movies, magazines and plays are italicized. Articles, chapters and poems are not.

Associate professor in English and Modern Languages Karen Hofmann’s first novel is After Alice.
Maclean’s publishes university rankings annually

See Citing using MLA format. Refer to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for complete formatting guidelines for citing publications and other works in communications and marketing writing at TRU.

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