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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Textbook Guidelines

TRU Library no longer purchases textbooks or adds donated textbooks to the library’s collections. A faculty member may choose to place a personal copy of a textbook on course reserve for a specific course. In that case, the textbook will be returned to the instructor at the end of the course. Textbooks are quickly outdated and their acquisition is in conflict with the library’s mission to develop a collection of lasting value.

For the purposes of these guidelines, textbooks are defined as typically designed to fit within a 13 week teaching cycle, and often have a companion instructor’s edition. They are commonly reissued in updated editions every year or two, and often contain review questions, problems, quizzes, etc. Scholarly studies, works of literature, history, philosophy, etc. may be required or recommended reading for a class, but they are not considered to be textbooks as defined above. Sometimes books required for a course may already be a part of the library’s holdings because they meet the criteria of the library’s resource development guidelines, not because they are required for specific courses. The library may acquire such books if they are considered to be of lasting value to the collection.

For more information:
Tania Gottschalk, University Librarian
Phone: 778-471-8655

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