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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Food and Drink Guidelines

Background: The Library is a shared space intended to accommodate diverse student learning styles including both individual and collaborative study. Because the Library is a collection of multipurpose spaces in close proximity to each other, the consumption of food and drink must be limited out of respect for those who need quiet.

Purpose: To provide a comfortable and welcoming learning environment for all library users and to ensure the protection of library materials, equipment and furnishings.

The Library permits food and drink, within reason, to be consumed at study tables, in project rooms and at study carrels. Food and drink are not allowed near computer workstations.


  • Snack foods that do not disturb others.
  • Drinks that are in spill-proof containers or have secured lids.

Not acceptable

  • Open drink containers.
  • Foods that may disturb others around you.

Library staff members reserve the right to determine which food and drink items are acceptable within the Library.

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