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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Noise Guidelines

Background: The Library is a shared space intended to accommodate diverse student learning styles including both solitary and collaborative study. Because the Library is, for the most part, an open area in which sound travels easily, noise (both in general, and in particular the noise created from the use of cell phones and other electronic devices) must be limited out of respect for those who need quiet.

Purpose: To provide a welcoming and appealing environment that is conducive to the different learning and studying styles of library patrons.

The Library is a place for study and learning. Normal conversations levels are permitted at points of service (reference desk, check-out desk, photocopiers), group study areas and in the learning commons. In all other areas patrons are expected to speak quietly and keep conversations brief.

To preserve an environment that is conducive to study, the Library requires library users to set cell phones and pagers on non-audible signals. If it is necessary to use a cell phone while you are in the Library, please use it in the entrance lobby of the building. Electronic devices must be set at a level that does not disturb others. Library staff will respond to complaints regarding disruptive noise levels and cell phone usage.

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