ELLT Services

Language Learning Centre

The Language Learning Centre in OM2517 is a large and welcoming drop-in space for students to get help from instructors, teaching assistants, and volunteer tutors. Students can receive help with any area of English language study such as: writing, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and pronunciation.

In addition to regular hours, special events and workshops are held regularly.  Each semester, students are provided up-to-date Language Learning Centre hours. 

Students will also be interested to know that the Language Learning Centre hosts a number of fun and meaningful activities for students to enjoy.  These include:

  • English Conversation Club: This club meets in the Centre and is an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy good conversation and to gain confidence speaking English in a low-stress and welcoming environment.
  • Games hour:  We have "Games Hour" once or twice weekly and these are wonderful opportunities to learn English through play, to have fun and to make new friends.
  • Welcome and other Social Events: Each semester, we host a number of social events and many of these include food and refreshments and other fun activities.
  • Workshops: We host several workshops on topics of relevance and importance to language learners.

The Language Learning Centre is also available for students for printing and as a comfortable space for study.

Access to online appointments, support, events and resources for EAP students at TRU is available through Moodle. Current students can log into Moodle to access information, resources, and support.

Campus-wide activities

Throughout the year, EAP students are invited to participate in campus-wide activities such as TRU orientation, IDays, TRU Survivor, movie nights and the summer beach party. These activities provide a great opportunity for EAP students to enrich their campus experience by meeting domestic students.

For further information about events on campus, please see the campus event listings.