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Thompson Rivers University
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Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining our health. Most people know the importance of exercise in building and maintaining muscle tone, improving fitness, weight control, etc., but did you also know that exercise has been linked to improved academic performance?!? This page will provide you with information about how exercise can benefit you and how to start exercising! It will also make you aware of some of the down falls of too much exercise.

Gym Memberships (Student Prices)

Tournament Capital Center - $32.40/month
Don’t forget you get free use of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre with your uPass!

$35.24/month - Young Adult Membership (18 - 25 years)
$46.96/month - Adult Membership (26+ years)
Membership includes the pool, gym, and all classes.

Gold’s Gym
Offers ladies only section and membership includes all classes.

Ladies Only - $30/month for a year membership.

Fitness at home

Don’t want to spend money on a gym membership? There are many things you can do to stay fit in the comfort of your own home! The internet is full of good ideas for this, here are some good websites to get you started:

Yoga Memberships (Student Prices)

Let’s Move Yoga Studio

The Yoga Loft

Kamloops Hot Yoga

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise benefits the whole person. It not only helps the person to become physically fit but can increase confidence, self discipline, relationships and emotional health. The benefits of health reach far beyond what we see in the present.

Health Benefits of Exercise: The Facts

This website provides an easy to read article outlining the benefits of exercise. It covers benefits ranging from controlling diabetes to weight training to dealing with arthritis. Source: Kansas State University

Campus Resources

TRU has extensive athletic and recreation programs, but not just for varsity athletes. All students are encouraged to utilize the exercise resources provided by the athletic department. This includes everything from the FREE weight gym to the study lounge. The gym building provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for students to improve their health through exercise.

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