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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

About the Food We Offer

BC Local

TRU Food Services is passionate about food, including where our food comes from. Our goal is to provide delicious and affordable meals and do our best to include sustainable options such as sourcing from local suppliers, which can sometimes be a challenge in our four-season climate. As part of our dedication to adding more local items to our menus, TRU is a Feed BC Partner. Feed BC in the public post-secondary sector is a partnership initiative led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food with the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, and 20 public post-secondary institutions (PSIs).

TRU has reached the goal set by Feed BC of 30 percent of all food purchased being locally sourced from within BC. When visiting the retail outlets on campus, look for our local food label. All of the menu items at our retail locations that have locally sourced ingredients or are locally sourced, will be labelled as local food.

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Waste minimization and recycling

  • All of our organic food waste is composted from each location
  • We ensure that all of our packaging and materials are properly recycled
  • All of our food waste is measured and tracked to provide data to assist in reducing future waste
  • Zero-waste stations can be found at all our locations to promote proper waste disposal
  • 100 percent of our fryer oil is recycled
  • Our napkins are biodegradable and made from 100 percent recycled content
  • Our to-go cutlery is BPI compostable
  • Our to-go packaging is either 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable or BPI compostable
  • TRU Fill it Forward

Energy savings and efficient operations

  • The hot water used in our kitchen is supplied by a solar hot water system on the roof of the Campus Activity Centre
  • Our kitchen uses a state-of-the-art ventilation demand system to reduce heated air escaping through the exhaust fans when not in use
  • Plugged-in equipment is unplugged if not in use
  • Lights are turned off in locations when they are not in use
  • Many of the vending machines on campus are motion-censored so the mechanical components and lights only work when people are near the machine

Look for these symbols

No gluten

Our NO GLUTEN label will allow for easier identification of gluten free options. We offer a variety of gluten free options on campus. Please note that we do serve products containing gluten within our facilities, and we caution those with sensitivities that there is always a small possibility of cross contamination.


The HALAL label helps to increase awareness of the halal foods available on campus. This symbol indicates that the item is made with halal certified meat and prepared without any cross-contamination. All food items marked as Halal will list the certifying body.


We offer a variety of vegan options on campus. The introduction of our VEGAN specific label will allow for easier identification of vegan safe options.


We offer a variety of vegetarian options at all of our locations on campus. The introduction of our VEGETARIAN specific label will allow for easier identification of vegetarian safe options.

BC local

The BC LOCAL label indicates the menu item contains some BC local products. Inquire with your server for which ingredients in the menu item are BC local.

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