Handbooks and Forms

Co-op student handbook

This handbook outlines the entire process of the Co-op program from the student’s perspective.

Work term handbook

This handbook is for students’ use while on a Co-op work term. It answers all questions about what is expected of you, and how to maximize your work-term.

Work term evaluation form

This form is submitted by students no later than one week after the completion of the Co-op work term. Its purpose is to reflect on the work-term and review skills, contacts and future career plans.

Work term notification form

In order to continue eligibility in the Co-op Program students must submit a completed Work Term Notification Form with most recent transcripts to the Career Education office at the beginning of September.

Co-op requirements and regulations

This document outlines the responsibilities of a Co-op student while on a work term.

Co-op student of the year award

The Co-op student of year award recognizes outstanding achievement in all aspects of the co-op student’s performance in conjunction with academic achievement, work-term learning and contribution to extra-curricular activities, as well as others.

Out of town Co-op students: U-PASS opt out

This form is for students who are completing a Co-op work-term outside of Kamloops. The TRUSU U-PASS (Kamloops Transit) fee may be opted out of for a refund of this amount. Students can print, sign and fax or email the form to TRUSU. See the TRUSU webpage for more detailed information.

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