Co-op Student of the Year


Lorelei Guidos - 2020 Co-op Student of the Year 
Bachelor of Engineering

Being an enthusiastic ambassador for TRU comes easily to Guidos, who says, “The engineering program and university are two things I really believe in. I’m very excited to watch and help them grow." Read more about Lorelei's complete co-op experience and how she nailed a full-time contract before graduation.



About the Award

This annual award recognizes outstanding achievement in all aspects of the Co-op student’s performance, including academic achievement, work term learning, job achievement/employer evaluation, personal statement, contribution to co-operative education, and contribution to extra-curricular activities and the community. The award will be noted on the recipient's TRU transcript.

In addition, the TRU Co-op Student of the Year award recipient will be nominated for the Co-operative Education and Work-Intergrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) and Association of Cooperative Education, BC & Yukon (ACE) Student of the Year awards.


  • To promote outstanding student achievement in Co-operative Education
  • To highlight TRU Co-op Students and Employers and recognize their contributions
  • To provide support and funding (via monetary award) to high-achieving students

Application deadline

Completed applications must be emailed to Career and Experiential Learning - Attention Committee Chairperson at no later than 4 p.m. (PST) on Sept. 30.

  • Any student who has received a COM grade for one or more co-op work terms at TRU
  • The work term (for which the student is being nominated) must be completed within the previous academic year. For example: for the award given in Fall 2018, eligible semesters are Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Summer 2018 only
  • Past winners of the TRU Co-op Student of the Year Award are not eligible

We encourage you to apply for the Association for Co-operative Education BC/Yukon (ACE) Award and the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) Award. Students wishing to apply for the CEWIL and ACE awards can only use the Winter and Summer co-op work terms of that academic year to apply. Award recipient will receive assistance from the Selection Committee to prepare applications for these awards.

  Annual time lines
Award promotions / communication to students July - September
Deadline for nominations Sept. 30
Selection committee review of nominations First week of October
Selection committee meeting / student selected First week of October
Notification to TRU Financial Aid and Awards Oct. 15
Notification to student award recipient End of October
Announcement and promotion of recipient November - January
Nominate award recipient for CEWIL and ACE Awards January
 Selection criteria

The selection committee is seeking well-rounded candidates who show evidence of accomplishment in: academics, extracurricular/community activities, co-op community and the workplace. Award is scored on a scale of 100 points, and points will be awarded on the quality of each component. Job achievement (30 points) Academic achievement (10 points) Extracurricular achievement (30 points) Career readiness (30 points)

 Job achievement (30 points)

Student has received an exemplary employer evaluation on their performance for the co-op work term for which they are being nominated using the TRU Co-op Student of the Year Award Employer Nomination Form. Student must also receive recommendation letter for co-op work term completed by co-op employer representative.

 Academic achievement (10 points)

Student should have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better (B average). Student has received awards, scholarships, bursaries or other recognition related to current degree/diploma program.

 Extracurricular achievement (30 points)

Student has contributed to Co-op community and/or TRU community, particularly within academic year for which they are being nominated. For example: Engaged in presentations for TRU Co-op Program Active in career education, study aborad, student clubs, etc. Assisted with presentations during Co-op pre-employment training Student has participated in extracurricular activities outside TRU, particularly within academic year for which they are being nominated. For example: Volunteered with community organization Advocated for or promoted important cause in community Donated of fundraised for charitable cause

 Career readiness (30 points)

Resume: student has demonstrated work history, accomplishments, and innovation through well presented, professional resume. Personal Statement: student must explain how career, personal, and academic experiences have been enhanced by co-op, and demonstrate the relevance of his/her study to the workplace and vice versa. Co-op Coordinator Support Letter: student must receive letter of support from Co-op Coordinator. Letter can be used to demonstrate excellence in all four areas of selection criteria.

 Nominations - how to apply
Co-op coordinator

Student's Co-op coordinator is required to submit one typewritten, signed letter supporting student nominee. Please submit the letter on institution letterhead (two pages maximum, one-inch margins, 10 pt font minimum). Within the letter, please comment (with specific examples where possible) on the student's:

Extracurricular activities
  • Achievement in the Co-op Program
  • Activities in support of Co-op Education
  • Academic achievement, including awards
  • Personal qualities, including any barriers student has overcome
  • Career readiness and personal growth as result of participation in co-op
Employer representative

Nominating employers are required to submit:

  • Employer Nomination Form
  • One typewritten, signed recommendation letter on company letterhead (two pages maximum, one-inch margins, 10 pt font minimum), commenting on student's performance in the workplace
 Student checklist

Nomination packages must be one PDF document with the following items presented in the order below:

  • Cover page with students' name, academic program, TRU student ID#, and Co-op employer
  • Co-op coordinator support letter on TRU letterhead (two pages maximum)
  • Employer recommendation letter on company letterhead (two pages maximum)
  • Employer nomination form for the work term student is being nominated
  • Current academic transcript (must present candidate's grades as percent out of 100)
  • Student biography (maximum 150 words)
  • Signed personal statement (two pages maximum)
  • Current resumé (two pages maximum)
  • Work sample (two pages maximum) (optional)

Only complete nomination packages that meet the guidelines will be forwarded to the selection committee.


One 150-word bio must be included, used to promote the successful candidate, and for application to CEWIL and ACE awards.

 Personal statement

One typewritten, signed personal statement (2 pages maximum, 1 inch margins, 10 pt font minimum), describing how co-operative education has enhanced your career development, personal development, and academic experience. Where possible please be specific in your examples. Comments should be limited to specific work term experience and calendar year.

 Academic transcript

Student must convert all grading systems, where necessary, to present grades as a percent of of 100. Where letter grades represent a range of marks (i.e. B+ = 77-79%), grades should be rounded to the highest mark available in the range for that particular grade (79%). A seperate table may be used to provide this information.


A copy of your current resumé. Co-op work terms/experience should be clearly identified, and noted with work term dates. Extracurricular and community activities, scholarships and awards should ablso be noted.

 Work sample(s)

This is optional, but recommended that students submit a work sample, up to two pages maximum. Include any items that will give selection committee a better idea of quality of work. This could include (but are not limitted to): media aticles, previous employer evaluations, reports, project descriptions, photos (with descriptions), copies of awards and citations, etc. Work samples must not contain confidential material belonging to Co-op employer.

Please scan all materials into a single PDF document with the file name listing student's surname, first name, major, and title of the award. Example: Brooks_Samantha_BNRS_TRU_CSOTY_2018


Students interested in examples of supporting letters, please visit the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education. This site also lists separate criteria for the National Award. TRU Co-op Student of the Year award winners will be contacted by their Co-op coordinator on the nomination process for the provincial and national student awards.

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