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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Mission, Vision, and Values Statement


Our mission is to develop and lead international activities to support TRU’s economic sustainability and provide TRU students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for global engagement – including opportunities for global learning, research, teaching, and professional development. 


We are:

  • A proactive and innovative unit connected to other units on campus to serve student learning and TRU’s vision statement
  • A partner in the development of globally minded  graduates
  • A driving force for the global engagement  of TRU communities
  • A Social Enterprise recognized abroad and at home for  positive impact in international education


We believe in:

  • Student engagement and success
    • Supporting excellence; high quality curricular and extra-curricular education; and career success.
  • Global mindedness
    • Knowledge of history, events, and global issues
    • Capacity for intercultural communication, cultural self-awareness, flexibility, adaptability, and working with multiple perspectives
    • Appreciation of diversity, empathy, openness, concern for the world, for the environment, and for social issues
  • Recognizing potential
    • The growth of individuals, entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and global/local community development
  •  Collaboration
    • Inclusiveness, respect, honesty, transparency, trust, and openness
  • Principles of Social Enterprise
    • As an integral part of our revenue generating mandate – social, cultural, and/or environmental outcomes
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