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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Student Success Courses

We offer two, three-credit elective student success courses that provide a strong foundation for university (and beyond!) achievement. These courses are offered in fall and winter semesters.

STSS 1010 Academic Success Skills

Academic Success Skills focuses on developing and enhancing the academic skills necessary to succeed at university and in professional settings by cultivating lifelong learning strategies. Theory-based and experiential, students will have opportunities to understand and reflect upon their learning preferences and knowledge gaps, to set goals, and to gain independent learning strategies and practical skills. Topics include time management, goal-setting, effective study strategies, reading for academic purposes, note-taking, and test-taking; students will also practice and improve fundamental research, writing, and citation skills for a solid understanding of academic integrity and effective communication in academic and professional settings.

STSS 1020 Local to Global: Intercultural Interactions

Local to Global enhances student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and encourages skill development essential for respectful engagement within the culturally diverse communities within TRU and beyond. Students will reflect on the historical and ongoing struggle to recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples both locally and globally. They will explore the impact of national and international acts, charters, and declarations that impact the Secwépemc Peoples in the region; articulate how current cultural power dynamics are influenced by colonialism; and reflect on their own cultural orientations, preferences, and positionalities as one of many ways to experience and be in the world. Topics include intercultural dynamics, power and privilege, the ongoing impacts of colonization, reconciliation, critical allyship, responding to discrimination, stereotypes, and conflict resolution.

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