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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

School of Trades & Technology



Goal: By 2019-20, number of Indigenous students in the program will be at par with other learners.



Goal: By 2019-20, Indigenous student retention rates from fall to winter will be 80 per cent.



Goal: By 2019-20, Indigenous completion rates will be at least on par with other students.

Representatives from TRU’s School of Trades and Technology have been travelling around to various First Nations in the region to provide program information and help with registrations. The next steps include implementing protocols at the school to enable employers to hire level 1 trained apprenticeship students so they can get the experience they need to move up to level 2. This has been one of the biggest roadblocks to retention.

The school’s Coyote goals are mainly around recruitment and retention, building relationships with First Nations communities and delivering programs to them that are relevant, such as the water and wastewater treatment program, which has a 100-per-cent Indigenous cohort.

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