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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Qelmúcw Affairs Committee


  • Advise Senate on measures to promote, support and celebrate the success of students of aboriginal ancestry.
  • Advise Senate on measures to ensure linkage and alignment of academic, budgetary and other priorities of Senate with its efforts in connection with aboriginal affairs at the university.
  • Advise Senate on measures to assist the university in meeting the goals set out in its Strategic Plan with regard to making TRU the university of choice for Indigenous students and First Nations.
  • Establish such subcommittees as needed to fulfil the committee's responsibilities.
  • In collaboration with the International Affairs Committee of Senate, consult with the Intercultural Understanding Committee and advise the Accreditation Steering Committee and report on mission fulfilment in relation to the core theme intercultural understanding.
  • Other duties as assigned by Senate.
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