School of Trades and Technology

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We offer foundation and apprenticeship training backed by the Industry Training Authority of BC, as well as career-oriented degrees, diplomas and certificates, and upgrading through continuing studies courses.

Our experienced Red Seal instructors provide the highest quality instruction using state-of-the-art training equipment and facilities, and programming is responsive to meet shifting industry trends.

Hands-on training will prepare you for an in-demand and rewarding career, and you’ll earn while you learn as a paid apprentice. Get more out of your education with TRU’s industry connections and collaborative projects, and discover a professional network in your chosen trade.

If you are interested to learn more about our programs, join us for a free information session. TRU’s Trades and Tech Thursdays will give you the chance to ask questions and find out all your trades and technology options.

Trades Programs

The School of Trades and Technology offers foundation and apprenticeship training in 20 trades backed by the Industry Training Authority of BC. You can also choose from career-oriented degrees, diplomas and certificates.

All trades programs.

Foundation programs give you the basic entry-level skills you need to start working in a trade and prepare for apprenticeship.

As you gain experience with an employer, you can become a certified tradesperson with work-based and technical training.

Many trades, known as the Red Seal trades, have nationally recognized certification standards. The credentials of a certified tradesperson who has successfully earned a Red Seal ticket are recognized across Canada.

Career-oriented degrees, diplomas and certificates.

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