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Elder Requesting

Please choose the section that applies to you.


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If you are staff/faculty/administration/community organization requesting an Elder and you have a budget to provide an honorarium, please fill out the information in Section A.


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If you are a student or community member requesting an Elder on a volunteer basis and you do not have a budget for an honorarium, please fill out Section B.

Section A: TRU Elder Requesting Form with Honorarium

An honorarium is to be provided to the Elder for each event/classroom session requested. We require two weeks' notice prior to the event.

  • Opening / welcome — $100
  • Presentation, class session — $250
  • Full-day (event, class session, etc.) — $500
  • Workshops / conference / symposium / keynote — negotiable

For external organizations, please contact Indigenous Education office directly.


Contact: Office of Indigenous Education, 250-828-5227 or


If event has been cancelled or changed, please contact Office of Indigenous Education at

After finishing this form, please fill out the honorarium form. Use code 710019 non-employee.

Section B: TRU Elder Requesting Form as a Volunteer

Please note:


Volunteer basis means no payment required. However, a small gift in-kind is appreciated. Small gifts can include coffee, tea, beverage, home-made small gifts, thank-you card, and other small gifts.


Traditionally a sage pouch is given to Thompson Rivers University Elders. They are given the sage pouch just before they speak. If you do not have a sage pouch, you can receive one to gift to the Elder by contacting the Office of Indigenous Education ( or 250-828-5227).

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