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Bob Gaglardi School of Business & Economics

The TRU Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics is different than the other faculties in that it has a high percentage of international students, which affects its numbers for Indigenous students.

Regardless, the faculty is aiming at improving Indigenous student completion, particularly in post-baccalaureate and graduate programs. By 2020, Gaglardi expects to have at least one indigenized course in every major.

Two instructors have already committed to including Indigenous curriculum in their classes. The ultimate goal is for five faculty to participate in Indigenous courses and content.

The faculty has established a First Nation Applied Economic Certificate in conjunction with the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics and the First Nations Tax Commission. It has also joined with the federal government and TRU Williams Lake to work with four First Nations in the Northern Shuswap tribal Council to develop curriculum regarding financial capacity for administrators.

Outside of The Coyote Project, Gaglardi also promotes Indigenous students to apply for Ch’nook scholarships; it has held Ch’nook scholar meetings with elders from Shuswap area bands.

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