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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Fill it Forward

It’s time to start reusing with the TRU Fill it Forward program. There are two ways you can Fill it Forward with TRU:

  • Water refill
  • Hot beverage container reuse

Connect your reusable mug, cup, or  water bottle with your smart phone to Fill it Forward, track your reuse, and be entered to win prizes.


Left: teal water barcode for refilling your water bottle. Right: dark blue hot beverage barcode for refilling your mug. Start scanning and reusing.

This innovative program lets you see the impact you have on the environment by using reusable beverage containers rather than single-use cups. Fill it Forward is a Canadian born movement that links your beverage container to an interactive app experience that you download onto your phone. Every time you refill your bottle, cup, or mug, you scan your Fill it Forward tag and $0.02 is donated to a water charity project through Fill it Forward on your behalf. In addition, every reuse you scan is an entry to win prizes!

Water refill

Identified by teal tags. Stick a tag on your water bottle and scan it every time you refill your bottle.

Hot beverage reuse

Identified by dark blue tags. Stick one of these tags on your favourite mug that you fill up with tea or coffee and scan the tag every time you enjoy a hot beverage.

Bi-Weekly Prize Draw

Every time you scan your water bottle OR reusable hot beverage mug, you are entered into a contest drawn every second Thursday for a $15 TRU Food Services gift card! Winners are notified by email.

Where to pick up your Fill It Forward stickers:

Visit the following campus locations:

  • TRU Bookstore
  • Student Services in Old Main
  • TRU World Desk
  • TRU Sustainability Office

Get Started

  1. Grab a tag (teal for water bottles, dark blue for hot beverages)
  2. Put the tag on the bottle you will use for that respective program
  3. Download the Fill it Forward app from an app store: Apple App Store or Google Play
  4. Start donating water by scanning the tags with the Fill it Forward app every time you refill.


There is a 30-minute cool-down period between scans to prevent misuse. Maximum number of scans per day is 10.

Lug A Mug

All vendors on campus offer beverage discounts when you bring your own reusable mug:

Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway offers a $0.10 discount

The Den, U&M Deli, Urban Market, Scratch Ca & The Workbench offers a $0.25 discount

Common Grounds at TRUSU offers a $0.50 discount

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