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Zero Waste, Recycling and Composting

TRU takes on an aggressive approach to reduce the amount of waste entering the city landfill. Our mission is to become a zero-waste campus. Do your part by reading the posters and using zero-waste stations.

Recycling at home

The City of Kamloops has the same system available to recycle and reduce your waste at home as we do here at TRU.

zero-waste stations

Learn what goes in each bin

Zero Waste Toolkit

Other waste, recycling and reuse systems

Besides common items that go in the five zero-waste stations, here is a list of items and how thaat can be properly disposed of on campus.


There are brown batteries-only recycling bins wall-mounted around campus at these locations. Recycling all types of household batteries. Put tape over the two points on 9-volt batteries so they don't catch fire.

Corrugated cardboard

Please break down boxes! Big pieces go in outdoor bins found here. Small pieces can go near indoor zero waste stations or in wood wheeled boxes.

Electric waste

Properly recycle anything with a cord. Smaller electronics, like cellphones and laptops (once they are properly wiped of all personal data) can easily be put into the two metal electronic recycling boxes in front of the Bookstore and in BMO Student Street. For larger electronics, please fill in this form, and then email a work order (along with the form) to to pick it up.

Harzardous waste

Properly recycle all hazardous materials: paint, solvents, chemicals, bleach, etc. To help properly recycle any hazardous materials, please email to pick them up.


Please leave them near outdoor yellow waste dumpsters around campus (not in them!) for pick-up by Facilities staff.

Printer ink and toner cartridges

Please put used catridges in a a bag, then in their box, then write with a felt marker "For Recycling". Then leave in any TRU Mail Room for pick-up.

Reusable items

TRU Procurement Services deals with the disposal of obsolete and surplus TRU goods that are of value. Please use this form. For items not covered with this process, create a Free Box and put in a high-traffic area around campus!

Sharps (used syringes)

Containers to properly handle used sharps are located here. TRU Security can also be called for help: 250-828-5033.


Only big chunks can be recycled (not 'packing peanuts' or other small bits). Please drop off in the wheeled yellow carts in BMO Student Street, Facilities, or Open Learning.

Textbook reusing

Put unwanted textbooks in wooden bin outside TRU Bookstore. They're used by Better World Booxs in developing countries.

Hazardous waste

Properly recycle all hazardous materials: paint, solvents, chemicals, bleach, etc. Email to pick them up.

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