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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging

After several years of offering electric vehicle (EV) charging on the Kamloops campus, TRU is revamping its EV charging system for the start of the 2022/23 academic year to serve the needs of our university community, as TRU students, faculty and staff commuting to campus now make up 99% of those using our EV stalls.

Effective Sept. 1, 2022, all of TRU's EV charging stations will have a two-hour time-limit, and users will require the following:

  • Display of a semester or annual EV permit, showing your license plate number and permit expiry date
  • A TRU parking permit valid on the day the EV stall is in use

Valid TRU parking permits may be either a daily or long-term permit, in any permit tier (economy, general, premium or reserved) regardless of the lot in which the charging station is located.

The new EV permits will be $20 for a semester or $50 for an annual permit, to be purchased at the TRU Parking Office in the CAC (credit or debit card payment). Due to charger limitations, a pay-per-use option is currently not available.

With a uniform system across all EV stalls and easier validation of permits, both to park and to charge, patrollers will be able to offer enforcement for EV stall use, and ensure charging is available to those with valid permits when needed. Anyone parked at a charging station without charging, without displaying an EV permit or without a parking permit will be subject to ticketing.

Location of EV Charging Stations
Lot C Lot F Lot WH Lot H
FLO 4 4
Leviton 4
Tesla 3 3 4 (Tesla-only)
2 (Tesla universal chargers)

Charging etiquette

  • Only park in an EV charging stall while you are charging your vehicle
  • Make sure your EV permit is displayed where clearly visible to patrollers
  • Take only what you need; maximum time is 2 hours
  • Don’t unplug another vehicle
  • When you’re done, neatly put the charging cord away so people don’t trip or drive over it
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