Parking Permits

Lotteries for long-term parking permits for the 2022/23 year close on June 17 (premium permits) and July 15 (reserved permits). Read lottery rules and instructions to enter

Types of permits

Economy General Premium Reserved
* Part of XT is temporarily being used for student housing. There are still 86 economy parking stalls available.
First-come first-served, Lot N, NT, XT* (half lot) and Z First-come first-served, any general lot (E, H, J, M, T1, T3, W and WH) Guaranteed, specific lot only (C, D2, V1, S and T2) Guaranteed, specific stall only (A3, B, L, L1, R, D1, K, F and EC)
Half-day ($3, N only) or all-day ($4) from lot dispensers or hangTag app All-day ($5) from lot dispensers or hangTag app No daily parking No daily parking
Long-term permit is $200 per semester purchased through TRU hangTag Portal Long-term permit is $250 per semester purchased through TRU hangTag Portal Long-term permit is $300 per semester purchased through TRU hangTag Portal Long-term permit is $1,225 per year purchased through TRU hangTag Portal
If you park five days/week, the long-term permit is $2.46/day If you park five days/week, the long-term permit is $3.07/day If you park five days/week, the long-term permit is $3.68/day Monthly payroll deduction is $102.08 ($4.79/day)


  • First-come first-served, in lots C and W only.
  • All-day ($2.50) from lot dispensers or hangTag app — select lot W, change zone to motorcycle.
  • Long-term permits are $12.50/week purchased through the TRU hangTag Portal.

Permit locations

How to purchase a long-term permit: economy and general lots

Go to the TRU hangTag Portal (computer/laptop only) and follow these steps:

  1. Sign in or click 'Create Account' to register. The login credentials used through this Parking Portal are the same credentials used in the hangTag app (app is for daily permit parking only).
  2. When your profile and vehicle information have been added, click on 'Buy ePermits'.
  3. Use the filters by clicking 'ePermit Group' to narrow your search. If you want payroll deduction (stall only), select that filter first.
  4. Follow the prompts to make payment if you did not choose payroll deduction.

Cancellation policy

  • You are responsible for the cancellation of your ePermit, unless the ePermit itself is set to expire (no refunds or cancellations for Annual permits).
  • When you cancel an ePermit, you are cancelling as of the beginning of the next billing period. As such, your credit cared will NOT be charged for the next billing period and your parking permissions will remain intact until the end of your current billing period.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made during a billing period. Cancellation will be in effect at the start of the next billing period.
  • Abuse of parking privileges, outstanding violations, or other misuse of the system may result in administrators cancelling your ePermit on your behalf and/or deactivating your profile.

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Reimbursement for employees living outside Kamloops Transit service

If you live outside the Kamloops Transit area, you may qualify for a 20 percent reimbursement on the cost of your parking permit each semester. You will need to apply each semester, even if you are an annual parker. Applications for the reimbursement on fall, winter and summer semester permits are due Oct. 1, Jan. 31, May 31 respectively.

To apply, please email (subject line “Outside transit area reimbursement”) with your TRU ID number. The Parking Office will verify if you live outside the transit service area before processing your reimbursement.

For the fall semester, reimbursements will be issued in January, the winter semester in May and the summer semester in August. Faculty and staff will receive their reimbursement through direct deposit. Students will be mailed a cheque to their address on file.

Seasonal commuter permit

As a thank-you for using alternative transportation, TRU is offering a seasonal commuter parking permit to cyclists. Register your bike with the Sustainability Office to be eligible for a seasonal commuter permit valid from Nov. 15 to March 15 for either economy ($200) or general ($250) lots.

Cycle until mid-November, park during winter weather, resume cycling in March, and save the equivalent of one semester of parking! Up to 100 permits are available (first-come, first-served). Register by Sept. 30, then purchase your seasonal commuter permit at the parking desk in the TRU Bookstore.

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