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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Campus parking

Are you driving to campus? There is a range of parking locations available.

Idle-free campus

One of TRU's goals is to reduce unnecessary air emissions. Idle-free zones help achieve this goal.

In general, vehicles should never be left idling. Extensive research has shown that engine warm-ups should not last more than 10 seconds under average air temperatures (in extreme cold weather, a one-minute warm-up is appropriate). The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it gently to start with. Of course, windshields should be clear of frost for safe driving conditions.

  • When checking emails and texts, do so before turning on your engine.
  • Idling can increase maintenance costs due to a build-up of carbon in the engine.
  • Idling wastes fuel, which costs money.
  • The myth about damaging your starter by turning a car on and off more frequently is just that — a myth.
TRU Anti-Idling Guidelines

Driving conditions

Find out the latest on roads and weather.

» Drive BC

Green alternatives

You don't always have to drive your own car.

If you must drive, look at these tips on how to save gas from Natural Resources Canada.

Traveling to and from the airport

There are several options for you to travel from the Kamloops Airport to TRU and vice versa. If you want to take a taxi, there is 24-hour taxi service from the airport. You can also use the airport shuttle service or the Kamloops Airport offers a variety of rental car options.

» Kamloops Airport car rentals and transportation

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