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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Other Parking Information

Accessible parking

Accessible parking stalls are designated in various lots on campus as shown on the map below. They are usually closest to buildings and located in premium lots, but are discounted to the general lot rate.

To use an accessible space, your vehicle must display either a valid provincial placard, or a short-term placard available from the Parking Office (with an approved doctor’s note). Along with the placard, you must have a valid parking permit. Use hangTag or see Parking Permits to obtain a daily or long-term general permit.

Visitor parking lots I, J, P, Q and A1 also have paid hourly accessibility spaces.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is available for $12.50 per week (available via ePermit), or for $2.50 per day (12-hour period) from dispensers in designated motorcycle stalls in parking lots C and W or hangTag app (select lot W, change Zone to Motorcycle - usable in both lot C and W)

Motorcycle parking permits are only valid in designated motorcycle spaces. If you park your motorcycle in economy, general, premium or reserved spaces, those rates apply.

Contractors and service vehicles

Service vehicle parking spaces are typically located to have easy access to buildings. Every contractor parking at TRU must apply at the Facilities Office for a service vehicle permit to use those spaces, in addition to purchasing a parking permit. Visit the Facilities Office or contact the Parking Office at 250-828-5368 or by email for more information.

Vehicles parking in a service vehicle space without displaying valid permits will immediately be subject to a parking violation and/or towing without warning at the owner's risk and expense. Service vehicle permits are issued to authorized service agencies and contractors doing business with TRU, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Electric vehicles

TRU offers EV permits for use of campus charging stations. Learn more.


Share the costs of commuting and parking. Sign up for TRU Rideshare to find a carpool buddy or two.

Bicycle parking

Both secure parking and racks are available on campus.

See Parking Regulations for TRU’s parking policies and regulations.

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